Welcome to “ SISU SENEHASA”  (love and caring for less privileged students)

In our society there are some students who belong to families with privileges and parental protection. They get the opportunity of completing their primary and secondary education successfully and then step in to tertiary level University or other vocational institutes. As well as there are many students who want to reach high in their studies but due to various reasons fail to do so.

Our objective of “SISU SENEHASA” scholarship program is to identify students who are good in studies, but who have fewer privileges to continue studies due to various reasons and support them financially and morally to continue studies and become valuable human beings for the society.

Being the country that reports the highest literacy rate in the Asian region, Sri Lankan children are highly motivated to accomplish higher education and realize their future dreams. 

One notable obstacle to discontinue studies even though the students are very good in their studies is due to lack of financial and moral support from their parents and dear ones. Such children are compelled to terminate their education journey prematurely and sometimes become members of vice social elements as well.

We will lend a hand to those who are suffering of having financial difficulties to pursue their education and by giving something back to the society will try to make this society a better place to live.

A collective effort of